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Érablière CARBER

Les techniques de production (la production du sirop)

Once in the sugarhouse (sugar camp, saphouse), the maple water is stored in large stainless steel tanks. Then, as soon as possible, the maple water is brought to the osmosis room, where the inverted osmosis process eliminates water (H2O) to concentrate the diluted sugar.

The resulting liquid is then directed to the evaporator, where the water is boiled down as much as possible, until the famous syrup is obtained to the desired quality. The evaporator has a capacity of 270 litres (60 gallons) of syrup per hour.

At the end of the production line, the syrup is filtered in a pressing machine, to be then stored into stainless steel barrels of 144 litres (32 gallons), weighing about 215 kg (470 pounds).

Now, the syrup is ready to be bottled and eventually savoured with delight!